Our People

Mike and Shelly Butcher

Hello, we’re the Heads of Hall


Mike and Shelly Butcher

Heads of Hall


Our role is to give overall leadership to the Fergusson Hall community. This involves working with the Residential Assistants (RA’s) to make Fergusson Hall an outstanding Hall of Residence. As a leadership team we achieve this by ensuring Fergusson Hall is a safe place to live with the facilities you need, fostering an exciting community with a variety of fun events throughout the year, encouraging academic excellence through attractive spaces to study, computer facilities and academic support initiatives, and providing care and support when it is needed from the practical to the personal.

The team at Fergusson Hall

Lois - Copy

Lois Sinclair

Office Administrator

Lois is responsible for looking after the Hall’s Office Administration. You will receive parcel notifications and financial statements from Lois regarding your rent payments throughout the year. She works 12 hours per week in the office. Feel free to see Lois about anything “Office -related”.


Stuart Lawn

Maintenance and IT Officer

Stu works 17 hours per week and takes care of maintenance needs around the Hall. If you see something that needs repairing in your room or around the Hall, you can let us know using the maintenance forms outside the office. Stu is also skilled at repairing computers and does a great job maintaining our IT systems. You are welcome to ask for his help with any computer problems that you may have.


Queta Charsley

House Keeper

Queta keeps Fergusson Hall clean for us all. She cleans all common areas and bathrooms on Monday, Wednesday and Friday as well as providing a friendly face around the Hall.