Pricing & FAQ's

Fergusson Hall pricing

Summary of Fees for 2024

Area Cost
Deposit (Bond $350, Administration fee $100, Activity fee $100)      $550
Weekly room rates Standard 1            $185
Standard 2            $205
Standard 3            $230
Premium               $245
Super-Premium   $265
Internet Unlimited Wireless internet available throughout the Hall included in the room rates
Car park for your vehicle (Car, Scooter, Motorcycle) $100 per semester

Room Rates for 2024

2024  room rates Room type
Premium Super-premium
Weekly rent   $185 $205 $230 $245 $265
Semester One total (19 weeks) $3515  $3895 $4370 $4655 $5035
Semester Two total (20 weeks) $3700  $4100 $4600 $4900 $5300
Semester One & Two total (39 weeks) $7215 $7995 $8970 $9555 $10335
Instalments if paying Bank AP of $130 per week
Full Year – due 03/02/2024 $2,145  $2,925 $3,900 $4,485 $5,265
Semester One Only – due 03/02/2024 $1,045  $1,425 $1,900 $2,185 $2,565
Semester Two Only – due 15/06/2024 $1,100  $1,500 $2,000 $2,300 $2,700

Residential Agreement

The rent period for semester 1 & 2 under the Residential Agreement is 39 weeks long (17 February 2024 to 16 November 2024). Where a resident resides at the Hall for semester 1 only, the Residential Agreement is for 19 weeks or 17 February 2024 to 29 June 2024 (one week into the mid-semester break). The accommodation period for semester 2 is 20 weeks or 29 June 2024 to 16 November 2024. Residents may also stay at the Hall for all or part of the summer (a.k.a semester 3). Rent is reduced when residents stay at the Hall for 4 or more weeks during the summer.

The rent fee includes room rental, power, use of our facilities and access to the services and events available at Fergusson Hall.

If you think that the information in this booklet seems reasonable and that you are able to live within these guidelines and rules, then you are just the type of person we are looking for. That is, someone with a reasonable degree of maturity and an ability to show consideration for the needs of other people as well as yourself.



All residents are required to pay a bond in order to stay at Fergusson Hall. At the end of the year any loss or damage for which a resident is personally responsible will be deducted from their bond, as well as any unpaid fees. A further sum may also be deducted to cover the money spent on losses or damage for which no one claimed responsibility. The balance is transferred into your nominated bank account; this payment is made in December. Any resident who is suspended or expelled will forfeit the whole of their bond.

Unpaid Accounts

The following actions will be taken when rent is overdue:

  •  3 weeks overdue – A 10% penalty will be applied to accommodation fees that remain unpaid.
  • 4 weeks overdue – Next of kin or financial guarantor will be contacted.
  • 5 weeks overdue – Debt collection agency will be contacted.

Where unpaid accounts are referred to a debt collection agency, residents should be aware that this may result in a blemish on their credit record. Actual collection fees charged by the debt collection agency will be passed on to the resident concerned.


Payment of Accounts (Online Banking)

At the end of January, you will be sent an invoice. Rent can be paid by Instalment or by Bank AP. You will be asked to select one of the payment options and arrange your payment(s) by the due date. Please ensure any bank payments include your name and resident number as a reference. The Fergusson Hall Bank details are:

International Payments can be made by International Bank transfer (sending and receiving bank fees apply).


Bank: ANZ;

Branch Address: Cnr The Square & Broadway Ave., Palmerston North 4410;

Account Name: Presbyterian Educational Purposes Trust;

Account Number: 01 0745 0022570 00;

International Swift Code or BIC code: ANZBNZ22;

Swift Code Address: 170-186 Featherston Street, Floor 10, Wellington 6011, New Zealand;

IBAN number: 010745.


a) If paying by instalment, rent for each semester can be paid in one or two instalments. The first of these instalments is due by Saturday 03 February 2024.

b) If paying by weekly or fortnightly Bank AP you will need to set this payment up with your bank using the information we send to you in January. You will have the choice of paying your rent in full each week or fortnight, or paying a lump sum prior to the start of the semester and then setting up a Bank AP for $130 per week. This may help you budget during each semester more easily. Your first Bank AP payment is due on Saturday 03 February 2024. Your last Bank AP will be on Saturday 02 November, 2024.

Residents have the option of making direct transfers into the Hall bank account. We do not have EFTPOS or Credit Card facilities at the Hall.


Do my cables and chargers need to be tested?

All electrical items including appliances, computers and chargers, must be electrically checked and certified (tagged) by any appliance service company prior to your arrival. This applies to all new and used items.

Is there Internet?

Fergusson Hall has Wireless internet throughout the Hall. The cost of this is included in the room rate. Study room computers have free internet and there is a pre-pay printer in the House study room.

Do I need to supply my own appliances?

Every room has a fridge, washing basket, rubbish bin, internet cable and multi-box to plug in your appliances. Upright freezer shelving is assigned to each resident in the communal kitchens (Super-Premium rooms have their own fridge-freezer).

Do I have to bring an iron for my clothes?

The Hall has irons in the laundry for your use.

Do I need to bring my own bedding?

You will need to bring your own bedding and linen. For residents coming from overseas, we have bedding packs available for purchase.

Can I drink alcohol at Ferguson Hall?

Fergusson Hall supports sensible alcohol consumption. Check out our terms and conditions in the Fergusson Hall information booklet.

Is there parking available?

Fergusson Hall has parking for residents on our grounds. We also have a lockable bike shed.

What happens if my things are stolen?

You will need to insure your belongings before you arrive.

During semester break, do I have to pack up my belongings?

You will not be required to pack up your belongings for semester breaks. Your rent continues through all semester breaks and you are welcome to stay at the Hall during the breaks (Room rates are set with this in mind).

Can I have guests stay with me?

You are welcome to have a guest stay overnight for up to 2 nights per week. You need to inform your RA 24 hours in advance if a guest will be staying overnight (Please note the guest provision is not intended to be used by the same guest staying every week, for example, the same person staying for the weekend every week of the semester)

What size beds are there?

Most rooms have standard single beds; some rooms have king single beds. You can request a room with a king single bed on the preference form you will be sent when offered a place at Fergusson Hall.

How do I do my washing?

You do your own washing and the use of the washing machines is free. Driers cost $2 per hour. There are numerous clotheslines available for you to use.

Do you recycle?

Fergusson Hall recycles bottles, cans, plastic, and cardboard and we expect you to make use of the recycling bins.

Can I smoke at Fergusson Hall?

Fergusson Hall is smoke-free apart from a dedicated smokers’ gazebo situated behind the garage.